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Video Smoke Detection (click here for more information)
Video smoke detection is a promising fire detection method especially in open or lager spaces and outdoor environments. Generally speaking, video based smoke detection methods distinguish smoke from non-smoke objects based on some distinctive features such as motion, edge, color and texture. In our research, state of art video image processing and artificial intelligence technologies are applied to realize best performance of vison based smoke detection system.
Photoelectric Light Scattering Smoke Detection
Currently, photoelectric smoke detector is playing an increasing important role in fire protection engineering. This type of detector senses the intensity of light scattered by smoke particles for fire alarm. However, the challenges to discriminate fire and non-fire aerosols using light scattering method is still an annoying problem. In our research, optical properties of ensembles of smoke particles are investigated through experimental measurement and numerical simulation. The goal of our research is to realize low false alarm rate photoelectric light scattering smoke detection.
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